Rab is with its 30 sandy beaches truly “happy island” with many small picturesque bays, as tourists from around the world have recognized almost 125 years. The tradition continues today, when Rab, thanks to the crystal clear, warm and shallow sea ideal destination for the whole family.

More than 30% of the island of Rab is covered in all kinds of plant life from aromatic shubs along the slopes of Kamenjak carst to lush pine and oak forests housing rabbits, pheasents and birds of pray. Some refer to it as the Emerald isle, due to all that deep green nature of Rab.

Make the best of your sunny days on island of Rab for an active vacation. There is 157 km long cycling trail and 144 km long walk trail. You can start your activities from our house. Paths, roads and trails, whether for walking, running or cycling, will take you into the intact corners of our beautiful green island.

You can also find manny tennis courts, in Suha Punta are 6 of them, and a excellent scuba diving center near by in Kampor. Peninsula of Frkanj is also known as the island of love where you can find the nudist beach called Kandarola. You can take a walk to nudist beach, it takes only 15 minutes. It is the oldest beach on the island where even Edvard VIII, the king of England, tok a skinny dip in year 1936. tok a skinny dip in year 1936.